World's Smallest USMC Drill Instructor

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I'd listen to him if I were you.

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  1. Mottlee
    Mottlee Sep 29, 2011

    LOL I serverd under him!! lol

  2. swede1775
    swede1775 Sep 30, 2011

    Beside the mispelling of the word "Corps" it was epic stuff!

  3. blakethomas
    blakethomas Oct 03, 2011


  4. 26190615
    26190615 Oct 04, 2011

    Cute... maybe to some. I see nothing positive from this scenario. Little kid being intimidated by a loud mouth Brat. some day to be a real jerk. By comparison, when we see little kids in Hamas garb with their head bands and pseudo-blood soaked flags, we say,"Oh my.. look at the way they brainwash their children.. that's child abuse!" Yeah, I really don't know what to say about this as I fought for free speech. Frank Jeffers U.S.M.C Huey Door gunner V.M.O-2 68 TeT

  5. SkivvyStacker
    SkivvyStacker Oct 06, 2011

    I bet he keeps his pre-school in line!

  6. MustangMaj
    MustangMaj Oct 12, 2011

    As a new father at 23 after being a Drill Sgt, then Inf OCS and Abn Tng, I might have thought this in a different way. After 3 RVN tours and many years of observing death and destruction in the world, this is just misguided, and sad. At this age, someone is creating a schoolyard bully, not a leader. Young parents, please do not do this. Dressing up like daddy and respect for firearms are good things, yelling in someone's face is not going to be understood at this age.

  7. Shadyassassin11
    Shadyassassin11 Nov 18, 2011

    @mustangmaj they dont really know its wrong but he took the time to remember that song didnt he id say hes gonna be in the army one day

  8. 22583959
    22583959 Dec 10, 2011

    DocGay-hurry and grow up the Marines are looking for a few good men.Kid has what it takes.De Oppresso Liber

  9. 19147065
    19147065 Feb 16, 2013

    how does something that would only happen in the US of A rate being labeled as the "worlds" anything????

  10. 11779628
    11779628 Feb 18, 2013

    this little guy should learn the personal attention to duty and selflessness that makes DIs successful in training others. that would be a better thing to imitate

  11. 30407502
    30407502 Feb 19, 2013

    Whoopee, gonna make a great school bully!!

  12. 7584470
    7584470 Feb 26, 2013

    Its a child showing creativity and imagination, neither a bad thing. But I like the way the know it alls psycho-analize the youngster, after describing their own heroics of course!

    RANDY_USN Apr 23, 2013

    it cant get better than that ... if the poor kids ants air force or navy hes a dead man... hahha

  14. awahilii
    awahilii Apr 25, 2013

    Ooooo RAH !!!

  15. 21018194
    21018194 Apr 25, 2013

    This is ridiculous. No real Marine would want their child to act this way. Why would you subject your other child to this bullying behavior.

  16. taleswapper
    taleswapper Apr 26, 2013

    because the example we want to set for our children is that people show they are in authority by shouting, spitting, using foul language, and waving their finger in someone's face. My DI in bootcamp never raised his voice, never got in our faces, and never used words I'd be ashamed to say in front of my mother. SeniorChief Walker'd just look at you, shake his head, and wonder out loud if perhaps your parents HAD found you under a cabbage leaf, or perhaps mistook stork droppings for a REAL baby boy... "Because, son; you are too dumb for my Navy. And dumb gets people killed. I don't want any of these REAL people to die because you're a weevil masquerading as a human being." He motivated us by out-doing every one of us. Ran backwards thru the PT; got down on the ground and did the pushups with us, to show us how they should be done. Shoes shined, uniform creased, clean shaven every time I saw him, even at 3 AM. I think he knew the whole Bluejacket's Manual by heart. Had two warfare pins (the max displayable) on his uniform. DI's screaming is a cliche. A left-over from days when bullying and hazing were the management style we had; a sort of lowest common denominator leadership.

  17. mlw14
    mlw14 Apr 26, 2013

    This is pathetic. Would any sane parent want their child to act like this even as a joke? Maybe they cold give him a (fake?) beer and a cig and play hangin around the club.

  18. 8399469
    8399469 Apr 27, 2013

    Future toxic leader.

  19. Sgt-Brewer
    Sgt-Brewer Apr 27, 2013

    This sucks!

  20. 13760947
    13760947 May 01, 2013

    It just amazes me how over the top people can be with their ignorant comments. Not knowing the character traits of the parents. How about all the times you dressed up or dressed your own kid up (Holloween) It's all make beleive dummy's. Making more of it or into it is whats wrong with this country. And lets not forget about you, who have no skeletons in the closest and sets the perferct example of what a parent, or human being should be. TALESWAPPER: DI's are to break you down from all your pathetic civilian lay back tendencies and "reshape" your thinking into a defensive/offensive nature so your equipped to handle a combat situation in the defense of any agressor. his generation is "soft" with little backbone. We offended by everything and have no pride as a nation. We just as soon stab one another in the back. For you who critize, look in the mirror the next time you finish watching some violent movie, vidieo, tv show, then ask yourself how different are you.

  21. 6076658
    6076658 May 01, 2013


  22. 12281970
    12281970 May 01, 2013

    Loved it!!! Let's see more like these. Lots of fun there.

  23. 24056267
    24056267 Jun 05, 2013

    As a lifelong Marine, now retired, but still working with our Corps everyday, I understand something about esprit de corps, and having fun with your kids. However, well intentioned the parents, I suggest that they reconsider how they are allowing their children to play and interact. He is not a Sergeant, the other not a filthy recruit. I'm sorry, had to vent

  24. ruskymili
    ruskymili Jun 10, 2013

    This is absurd and irresponsible. Leave the tearing down and building up to the professionals. And what the hell is a little kid doing in a Marine Corps uniform. What a disgrace.

  25. ruskymili
    ruskymili Jun 10, 2013

    Awahilii said, "the dad is a drill instructor so he'll be taught the right things". This drill instructor dad is already failing at that! The proof is yelling at your face. The boy is getting set up for a big hurt if he joins the Corps. GET THAT UNIFORM OFF THAT KID!!

  26. ruskymili
    ruskymili Jun 10, 2013

    I'm retired Air Force, and I thought it was an honor for Marines to wear their uniform. When I see someone wearing a Marine Corps uniform, my heart races a bit, because I think I'm looking at an uncommon patriot with the uncommonly high honor of wearing a Marine uniform. I thought wearing the Marine Corps uniform was an honor only for those who have earned that honor. But these days, I guess all it takes is a self-indulgent parent to think their kid would be cute in a uniform, and with a Drill Sergeant's cover ta boot. This is nothing more than a self-indulgent father playing dress up with his kid. Hopefully, not many young people who might join the Corps won't see this video since it really makes a joke out of the distinctive Drill Sergeant cover. Is this to deep for you mopheads out there who think this is "just too cute"?

  27. 15255762
    15255762 Jun 19, 2013


  28. 100plumber
    100plumber Jun 21, 2013

    lol lol,,, love it YOU UNDERSTAND THAAAT.MR...LOL

  29. gobama84
    gobama84 Jun 25, 2013

    Please put this on youtube. This is fantastic. I had a hard time understanding him, just like boot camp and then it grows on you. Semper Fi

  30. gobama84
    gobama84 Jun 25, 2013

    Taleswapper, Your comments are exactly why they call the Marine Corps the MEN's Department of the Navy.

  31. ColdWarMarine
    ColdWarMarine Jun 26, 2013

    The Drill Instructors we feared the most in Boot was the quiet ones... "Come here.. stupid" is a slow quiet voice... That just sent the heart rate through the roof because you know you were going to get thrashed by someone who enjoys making recruits cry in pain.

    JMARKOE Jul 04, 2013

    Cute for about 10 seconds

  33. 333-185626
    333-185626 Jul 11, 2016

    yo have you ever seen the world's smallest drill instructor, little buddie, ok little buddie you just been premoted to senior drill instroctor ssgt little buddie.

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