Comic Relief: Drunken Brawl

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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Join U.S. Navy veteran turned professional comedian PJ Walsh as he recounts some of his funniest and most memorable stories. In this episode, PJ relives a night of off-duty drunken fun.

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    ELDERLYREPTILE Dec 08, 2015

    Too bad there didn't seem to be any FEMALE Sailors, Marines or "Middies" involved! Who say's "You" can't have a goodtime on the cheap!

  2. 33384215
    33384215 Dec 09, 2015

    loved it!....i was stationed at seigelsbach army depot in the 80's, along w/military police unit. Everyone kept getting in trouble off & on late for formation/muster form, negative comments made by the CO & major in chargeof post. One day we saw a group of MP's in black raincoats carrying a small black shoebox & shovels, walking in formation. CO asked them what were they doing?...They replied, "We are burying our morale sir,it's dead & gone" of the guard duty Mp's decided to walk off the tower because he wanted to get out of there so badly-craziest thing anyone ever saw.. Thank you for video-Free northern ireland!!!& southern ireland too for that matter..

  3. PJWalshNavy
    PJWalshNavy Dec 10, 2015

    Thanks! We made these just to bring a hopeful smile, laugh and as you just shared some fun stories. "We are burying our morale sir, it's dead & gone". Classic line!

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