N. Korea in Pentagon War Game

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The Pentagon played out a frightening fictitious scenario against "North Brownland," a very North Korea-like country.

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  1. jongo
    jongo Nov 11, 2013

    War games in Korea are not going to solve any problems. You meed to decisively cut a path between NAMPHO and WONSAN via the Teadong river while a Chinese force cuts a path between HYESON and KIMCHAEK; thus isolating any force activity; and then immobilise any strategic targets while surveying for and isolating any attempts to resupply. Establish constables and re-organize the populous.

  2. SFCKitepd
    SFCKitepd Apr 24, 2017

    This is only the first of many simulations that will be used to weed out errors. The Chinese have discouraged any invasion. I agree talking and economics war waging are not the answer. Strategic strikes on all of North Korea's Nuclear capability and associated activities would best eliminate the threat as well as the removal of key nuclear scientists with the knowledge to rebuild from the board would be necessary. (Preferred method would be to place them in a neutral country's custody.)

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