Dornier 28 Pilot Makes Insane Landing

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Dornier 28 in Einsenach, Germany, makes one incredible landing.

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  1. 13378967
    13378967 Dec 17, 2012


  2. poznian
    poznian Dec 17, 2012

    Practice makes perfect and that was indeed spot on. Glad we got them.

  3. Tim1952
    Tim1952 Dec 18, 2012

    I guess he just wanted to beat the jumpers to the ground. I wonder how close he came to them as they fell? In the USA these maneuvers and bank angles would have been classified as aerobatics and prohibited in this type aircraft and over the airport. He obviously landed at an excessive speed, too, based on the attitude of the aircraft in the wheel landing he performed. I hope the cameraman kicked his butt after the landed.

  4. JacquesDaspy
    JacquesDaspy Dec 18, 2012

    I suspect that no one has seen or participated in the Gitmo crank, a similar landing practiced by US pilots on a routine basis since 1962.

  5. Fburtxusn
    Fburtxusn Dec 18, 2012

    He certainly doesn't give himself much wiggle room. I hope he has a good groundcrew servicing his aircraft. As for coming in fast, he probably gets paid by the jump. More trips - more money. The jumpers could be coming in well to starboard of the landing strip.

  6. LogicMine
    LogicMine Dec 20, 2012

    I'm sure if he keeps flying the way he does, that we'll soon see him in his last video.

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