Insane Apache Crash in Afghanistan

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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AH-64 Apache helicopter crash in Sharana, Afghanistan. The pilot was executing a maneuver known as "return to target". No one on the ground was killed and both pilots survived.

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  1. CollinW
    CollinW Mar 20, 2012

    If you look real close around 24 seconds, a guy hits the deck and the tail section misses hime by like 4 feet.

  2. Patriot55
    Patriot55 Mar 20, 2012

    Hot shot rotor jock not quite as hot as he thinks.I'm really suprised at the fact the damn thing did not come apart at :30 to :38 as it tumbles in the distance. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!

  3. Ratazz
    Ratazz Mar 21, 2012

    Aft cyclic and some positive collective could have prevented this, pilot error all the way.

  4. Ratazz
    Ratazz Mar 21, 2012

    Somebody is going to be flying a desk, DNIF

  5. Patriot55
    Patriot55 Mar 21, 2012

    At least he was having fun right up to that point.

  6. p917pilot
    p917pilot Mar 21, 2012

    I'll bet he's not even flying traffic 'copters now!

  7. Erichs
    Erichs Mar 21, 2012

    That's a lot of hardware to risk and I am sure the pilot will stand before the mast for that. Thsi is not a game and requires utmost responsibility.

  8. 26558396
    26558396 Mar 21, 2012

    Actually I've know a pilot with severe spinal injuries who had to have a spinal fusion from the C5 to T5 and had fractures from the C2 to T6 plus lumbar and cranial fractures, plus broken ribs, wrist, and ankle return to flight status. He still flies the AH64D's as a civilian contractor. Depending on the injuries/recovery they can return to flight status even with spinal injuries.

  9. Erichs
    Erichs Mar 21, 2012

    Sorry not such a good typist; the word is "this" not "thsi".

  10. 26558396
    26558396 Mar 21, 2012

    wanted to add, I'm glad that no soldiers on the ground were injured and I hope the pilots weren't seriously injured. They are going to have a long haul back from this.

  11. Patriot55
    Patriot55 Mar 21, 2012

    Look at the rotor at :24 - :26. Is that not full aft cyclic? Or full collective? He mis-judged the DA at that mountain air. In my opinion only.

  12. 88miker
    88miker Mar 21, 2012

    high altitude density. to me as a former civilian helicopter pilot, the high density gives mushy controls and also reduces power. they flew outside the envelope and lost.

  13. 29065228
    29065228 Mar 21, 2012

    "return to target" maneuver, or hot dogging? was it necessary? I suspect the pilots are in hot water over that. Probably should be.

  14. 21221612
    21221612 Mar 22, 2012

    I think this is fake. Had the P* tried to recover the blade tips would have been touching at the top from pulling in so much collective. The best way to recover from this would actually be less collective and forward cyclic. IMHO, because they were "mushing" so much the blades would have flexed down so much, they most likely would have come through the canopy or knocked off the MPNVS. Also, they were not doing a Return To Target. The correct term is a Pitch Back Turn, come on guys, read your ATM.

  15. 21221612
    21221612 Mar 22, 2012

    OH, one more thing, this supposedly happened on 6 Feb, and we're just now hearing about it? Yeah, I'm sure. A 64 flips while ground taxiing in SC and with an couple hours we heard about it in Germany. With all the people in this video, plus how small the 64 community is, does anyone really think this would take over a month to leak out?

  16. WFDPalermo13
    WFDPalermo13 Mar 22, 2012

    That video is ridiculous!! Why was that pilot being so reckless?

  17. gleone
    gleone Mar 22, 2012

    I HOPE the idiot looses his wings for his stupid, dangerous stunt, and is charged accordingly. It was an idiot like him that killed a B-52 crew at Fairchild AFB being just as stupid. That video is available elsewhere here on and YouTube.

  18. alrkrash
    alrkrash Mar 22, 2012

    I think it was a combination of Pilot and Copter errors. The pilot expected too much and the copter did not perform as expected. Glad no one was badly injured.

  19. 29070270
    29070270 Mar 22, 2012

    This looks like it started as a show off stunt and turned into a controls malfunction. Looks like the second pass he was trying very hard to get it on the ground without plowing in.It wasn't pretty but I guess he got the job done.

  20. Jim37F
    Jim37F Mar 22, 2012

    Reminds me of when an Air Force HH60 was taking off from our VSP a few months back, pilot banked the aircraft to turn, but was still too low to the ground and the rotors hit and we ended up with a really expensive lawn ornament (thankfully no one was seriously hurt either on the ground or on the bird)

  21. 29071935
    29071935 Mar 23, 2012

    Looks like it may be somewhat a bit of High Density Altitude, coupled with Aggressive maneuvers and lastly some Settling with power with a whole lot of what have I got us into now going on in the cockpit. They are very lucky they didn't kill anyone on the ground. The high speed NAP of the earth pass should have been good enough for the soldiers on the ground but I guess he wanted to give them a bit more. Thank You to all the soldiers past and present fighting for the homeland. Be safe and come home soon.

  22. pointluckpwd
    pointluckpwd Mar 23, 2012

    Hope the aircrew enjoyed it, as it will be their last! Glad no one was hurt, ....."Aviation is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it's terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity, or neglect" It's better to be lucky than good!

  23. Lambda44
    Lambda44 Mar 24, 2012

    I'm glad this clown didn't kill anybody on the ground. This utter abandonment of flight discipline should be rewarded with a dishonorable discharge and prison in Leavenworth. It is truly amazing he didn't kill a bunch of people.

  24. 2567642
    2567642 Mar 28, 2012

    You could only survive this in a AH-64. Hughes designed the ship from the ground up with crash worthiness as a primary requirement. Everything from the wheels to the main rotors are designed to crush and absorb impact forces. Still, it's amazing they survived.

  25. 29111791
    29111791 Mar 30, 2012

    Looks like everything went according to plan.

  26. hlherron
    hlherron Apr 04, 2012

    Didn't they used to call that a hammer head turn?

  27. 11506943
    11506943 Nov 08, 2012

    It didn't miss the soldier. It cut his ACH cover.

  28. JesseRossi
    JesseRossi Dec 09, 2012

    Well there goes 25 million dollars down the drain

  29. itschallenger2
    itschallenger2 Jun 27, 2013


  30. itschallenger2
    itschallenger2 Jun 27, 2013

    NO 58 MILLION NOT 25

  31. 16426793
    16426793 Aug 03, 2013

    Sorry but there is no possible way an AH-64D is $58M I don't care if it has the underwater beacon, the MTADS/MPNVS, SATCOM, BFT, CMOS and the FCR with all it's supporting Hardware, I'll even include the 2 pilots SGLI payouts it's still not exceeding $35M!

  32. LogicMine
    LogicMine Sep 28, 2013

    Yeah, but you're forgetting about the CD player and intermittent windshield wipers!

  33. Lambda44
    Lambda44 Nov 03, 2013

    So, did this moron wind up in jail or did it become a "combat loss"?

    DEANEGILMOUR May 27, 2014

    lucky this is a 2 man craft or there would definitely have been a death or major injuries. Bet this pilot and gunner were grounded for quite a while. Appears he lost too much altitude when coming over the ops building in his dive on the imaginary target

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