Fatal Mi-8 Helo Crash at Russian Air Show

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September 7, 2014 -- A Mil Mi-8 Hip utility helicopter crashed during an air show in Russia. The chopper, belonging to the Russian “Panh Helicopters” air company (whose fleet of about 30 aircraft performs scientific and aerial services), was taking part to the opening phases of the Gidroavisalon 2014 in Gelendzhik, an international hydro air show that gathered 180 Russian companies and 14 foreign delegations. As the video shows, after carrying a flag, the helicopter performed a heavy landing, “bounced” on the tarmac, broke into two pieces and fell back to the ground, catching fire. Two crewmember were killed and one heavily injured as a consequence of the incident. Read more at http://www.statter911.com/2014/09/06/caught-video-deadly-helicopter-crash-air-show/

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  1. Mottlee
    Mottlee Sep 09, 2014

    Looked to me as NOT ONE person on the ground was in any hurry to help!

  2. lonnim
    lonnim Sep 09, 2014

    well the emergency response was just plain pitiful

  3. 30662552
    30662552 Sep 09, 2014

    I can't believe the slow reaction time for the fire truck/crews. There didn't appear to be any fire trucks on standby, just in case. Must have something to do with the Russian mentality.

  4. Burley1me
    Burley1me Sep 10, 2014

    I dare say that five minutes before the first fire unit is on station is a very poor response time.

  5. Erichs
    Erichs Sep 10, 2014

    Still building junk.

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