The Largest Submarine in the US Navy

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USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine which has been in commission since 1989. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear powered submarines used by the United States Navy. The Navy has 18 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines and guided missile submarines.

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    LCDR_KENT Aug 23, 2014

    There are some OPSEC items that should not have been allowed out. In general an accurate video.

  2. RogerCollins
    RogerCollins Aug 23, 2014

    And yet we can no win in any of our conventional wars/conflicts since WWII. RMCM(SS) USN, Ret.

  3. 32057707
    32057707 Aug 24, 2014

    Great. Don't post it too much.

  4. anno2002
    anno2002 Aug 24, 2014

    too much destruction that it is only applicable when used in a World War against a large military force. Submarines are born from the World Wars and probably will for now only be used for maritime security missions and spying.

  5. 26139051
    26139051 Sep 18, 2014


  6. 33053906
    33053906 Oct 04, 2014

    That is the true definition of beautiful.

  7. 34478145
    34478145 Nov 03, 2015

    This video of the largest submarine help a lot to me and it was really interesting to me. Thank you for putting this on this web site

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