Military Rations | 5 Things You Don't Know About

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We’ve all eaten them… Now find out where they actually come from!

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  1. 19KILOO7
    19KILOO7 Apr 02, 2015

    I use to post a guard to prevent soldiers from cherry picking the bet MREs. It had to be fair.

  2. nickfrito
    nickfrito Apr 02, 2015

    I've gotta get some of that regional Spam

  3. pathug
    pathug Apr 03, 2015

    When you are hungry enough you will eat anything. I loved c ratios, MRI's and MRE's, with a few exceptions.

  4. WRANGLER123
    WRANGLER123 Apr 03, 2015

    Meal Refusing to Exit

  5. LarryF58
    LarryF58 Apr 03, 2015

    Back when MRE's were first introduced, we called them "Meals Rejected by Ethiopia".

  6. LarryF58
    LarryF58 Apr 03, 2015

    I remember c-rats with some fondness, and preferred them to the early MREs. We called the spiced beef "dog food" because of its appearance. For us, the holy grail of c-rats was to get sliced pears and pound cake at the same time, and eat them together. We usually had to save one or the other for quite a while, because just about everyone else was hoarding them too.

  7. artymgysgt
    artymgysgt Apr 06, 2015

    During my early years in the USMC during cold weather my battery GySgt would have the portion of the ration containing meat placed in a 55 gallon G.I.can of hot water and when you lined up you received one box minus the meat product and when you passed the immersion burned they retrieved one can of meat for you. Some 25 years later with MRE's if I was lucky to get ham slices I wound tape that item to a light cover in the van I worked in and 20 minutes later I had hot ham slices

  8. 19KILOO7
    19KILOO7 Apr 06, 2015

    I love the jalapeno cheese. I remember eating pork chow mien in Desert Storm in the winter. All the fat deposits were on top.

  9. 20082158
    20082158 Apr 07, 2015


  10. LesterLS
    LesterLS Apr 08, 2015

    Meals Requiring Enemas

  11. 33845355
    33845355 Apr 15, 2015

    I think we were still eating MRE's from Vietnam when I joined back in 1989! We had freeze dried meat, powdered potatoes, and we didn't get candy. There was one MRE you didn't want to eat "the four/five fingers of death" which was the hot dogs! Everyone who ate them got sick. Todays MRE's are so much better! I actually buy them for emergencies.

  12. 22982821
    22982821 Sep 19, 2015

    I liked the K rations. The Army sent the meat stew out hot to the jungle in insulatianed coolers. We dipped your canteens into and drink. I also liked the powdered eggs, that tasted like real scramble eggs. I have not been able to find the powdered eggs that tasted like the Army gave us! Charles Smith

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