Mr. Virtual President on Gun Control

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Virtual President Bill Whittle makes the case for the Second Amendment, by presenting the factual, moral and historical case against gun control. The Virtual Presidency is a rhetorical device used to introduce common sense into modern American politics. For more go to

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  1. BonnUASCBM
    BonnUASCBM Mar 14, 2013

    We need to make this virtual president, the real president.

  2. Neiljo
    Neiljo Mar 22, 2013

    Bill whittle for president.

  3. 34127116
    34127116 Jul 19, 2015

    thank you!!!your speech is the truth, i remember in 1980 at school in history class one statement stood out, A FREE PEOPLE OUGHT...TO BE ARMED...1790 GEORGE WASHINGTON STATED...what part of this statement does the goverment not understand!!!

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