Shotgun Instructional Ends Badly

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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All good instruction videos should show the weapon firing.

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  1. DaleU
    DaleU Jul 03, 2013

    Is there really anyone who didn't see that coming? :)

  2. AirWing11.
    AirWing11. Jul 03, 2013

    Umm... Wow. What A dumbass. Pretty sure most people know how to put a shell into a shotgun. What a wannabe.

  3. 30894374
    30894374 Jul 04, 2013

    This guy need to stop drinking.

  4. Hajji_Wrangler
    Hajji_Wrangler Jul 04, 2013

    What a Dipstick. Safety First.

  5. 26208028
    26208028 Jul 04, 2013

    This is exactly the reason shotguns are made now without the ability to "SLAM FIRE". This is the kind of dick bag that would look down the barrel to see if a round is chambered.. Thank goodness that wasn't a slug.... god only knows if that was a two story house with people up stairs.

  6. WRG01
    WRG01 Jul 04, 2013

    A** blood, no foul, so I'm laughing...but, it's dipsh*ts like these who kill themselves or others. There are no firearms accidents...just criminal negligence and worse...

  7. marpootis
    marpootis Jul 04, 2013

    This dumb sh*t should work in an office. Keep him away from weapons period.

  8. 17240966
    17240966 Jul 04, 2013

    This kid is a real idiot!! He should NOT be allowed to handle anything sharper than a stylus for his tablet!!The ejection port is not a thingie!! He knows nothing of firearm safety and history. He should be a candidate for lobotomy if they can find anything!!

  9. DDH3
    DDH3 Jul 04, 2013

    What a moron. Hopefully natural selection will take him out before he breeds.

  10. gunbunny476
    gunbunny476 Jul 04, 2013

    Most likely an Ithaca Mdl. 37. They don't have a disconnector. If you hold the trigger back and pump it, it will go bang, for every pump. No big deal if you know this and are not totally stupid. I have been shooting my Mdl 37 for over 50 years and never had an AD, but I have enough sense not to hold the trigger back at the same time I am racking a shell into the chamber.

  11. echo28rc
    echo28rc Jul 04, 2013

    What an idiot ! I can tell he doesn't even know what he's talking about. I bet he's just showing off with his daddy's shotgun.

  12. KCaro
    KCaro Jul 04, 2013

    just to show how stupid he is, the shell he put in the gun was YELLOW, IN 30 years of shooting shotguns I have never seen a yellow .12ga. It is a .20-ga

  13. AirWing11.
    AirWing11. Jul 04, 2013

    I bet the Mossenburg 500 is the only shotgun he's ever heard of.

  14. EddyJames1952
    EddyJames1952 Jul 05, 2013

    I guess he was going to explain about the lack of a disconnector. Ithaca's and Winchester Mods 12&97 don't have them.Hold the trigger and rack em and they fire on locking.FFFFFast

  15. 15164995
    15164995 Jul 05, 2013

    First of all, he called his shotgun a "weapon". Second, he DROPPED his "weapon". He's obviously not in the armed forces because he evidently has no training with firearms.

    GPPDSWAT Jul 05, 2013

    Wow,,that was a really cool gun feature, lets see that one again...

  17. DaleAS
    DaleAS Jul 05, 2013

    The You Tube generation - Too many: Lack training Lack education (not the same) Lack experience Lack common sense Think because they own a video camera: They are a subject matter expert (on anything) They have something to say Others care what they have to say Will take them seriously The You Tube Generation - Too few: Are able to combine a true desire to instruct with the requisite skills and knowledge. The ability to buy a gun doesn't make you safe, responsible, trained, experienced or properly motivated. If you can pay for the gun, you can pay for training (from a qualified professional), practice safety in every gun related action; and understand that no one knows it all, training is a never ending life long commitment and #1 - forever - All Guns are loaded all the time. I wonder if there was a room above, if someone was in it and how he explained the damage to whomever owns the place.

  18. 12257799
    12257799 Jul 05, 2013

    First he loaded a 20ga shell it's marked on the barrel what loads the weapon will take. Secondly, most pumps will fire if the trigger is held back and the action cycled. Glad no one was hurt just learn from your mistakes.

  19. cplmartinez
    cplmartinez Jul 05, 2013

    I cannot add much to the comments ....I could see that little yellow thing in that opening on the bottom of that shooting thing. Whatta mental midget....sell the scatter gun and never, ever consider buying anything like that again! Gads!

  20. 27669790
    27669790 Jul 05, 2013

    The yellow shell he inserted at the start of the video was not a 12-gauge shell. It was a yellow in color 20-gauge shell. If you look real close at the opening under the gun the shell he "shucked" later into the barrel(which was already pre-loaded into the gun) was a red in color 12-gauge shell and probably a blank shell. A while back I saw a video of this same guy explaining how a pistol works and it also had a "accidental discharge".

  21. seahag73
    seahag73 Jul 05, 2013

    These video making idots never cease to amaze me. If you have the audacity to make a video in the first place, you would think you would have enough sense to not do stupid stuff like that.

  22. wencroom
    wencroom Jul 06, 2013

    Ahh yes. The BIG OOPS!

    WAWARON Jul 07, 2013

    What a flaming MORON. This boy should never handle any kind of firearm whatsoever until he has taken a gun safety course.

  24. E4_02
    E4_02 Jul 10, 2013

    Go to they show this video and a link to another video of the same clown discharging a pistol in an apparent ND. He is doing this on purpose hoping to get attention and youtube hits. He is either the biggest idiot on the planet, or its fake.

  25. marine591969
    marine591969 Jul 10, 2013

    HEY moron !! your weapon may be LOADED every weapon should be treated as such MORON............

  26. hlmanuel
    hlmanuel Jul 10, 2013

    "has a cool feature, hold the trigger down and...BOOM", HA.....COOL, NOT

  27. kb_likely
    kb_likely Jul 10, 2013

    yup - when you put the shell in, stupid and cock it - lol - that is exactly what happens and this why children shouldn't demonstrate their vast knowledge with guns - lol.

  28. 27475076
    27475076 Jul 10, 2013

    Fake!!! No drywall or plaster fell from the ceiling and he never looked up to see where it hit, which seems like a more natural reaction. I call BS, like most everything else on the Internet.

    HOCHHEIMER Jul 11, 2013

    Brain death is a terrible thing. Back to the basics.

  30. 3913960
    3913960 Jul 11, 2013

    What kind of dumbass would keep his finger on the trigger when there is a live round in the weapon. This guy should really count his blessings that the only thing hurt was the ceiling and his pride!

  31. RebCaptain
    RebCaptain Jul 11, 2013

    The kids an idiot

  32. 30943708
    30943708 Jul 12, 2013

    This guy knows nothing about the firearm he is holding and should never of of handle it himself let alone try to teach others. He does not even realize it is a 20 gauge and not a 12 gauge . As a firearm instructor for 20 plus years for the state of Texas I will be showing this D...A.. in my classes. scott howard wichita falls tx

  33. ITS2
    ITS2 Jul 13, 2013

    Everybody say it with me... The first rule of firearms is- never place your finger on the trigger unless you intend to shoot.

  34. 28172256
    28172256 Jul 13, 2013

    This friggen moron needs to go back to Russia or poland.............

  35. 30946228
    30946228 Jul 13, 2013

    So, we don't have a lot of mud and dust these days? This guy = clueless. From those words, it was only natural he was going to do something stupid after.

  36. 30947238
    30947238 Jul 14, 2013


    ECPUSAF Jul 14, 2013

    Sometimes, the best teaching experiences are your screw ups. IF, that is, you survive them or don't harm anyone else. Boy, was this a major screw up! Wrong AMMO, 20 ga., instead of 12 ga. and wrack 'em with NO finger control. I know I've repeated what has been said.. With firearms, there's NO such thing as to much safety.

  38. 3959489
    3959489 Jul 15, 2013


  39. FredFrontino
    FredFrontino Jul 16, 2013

    Demo Fail :)

  40. cyberduk1
    cyberduk1 Jul 17, 2013

    That was awesome. I'm going to watch it again. How do you NOT remember 2 seconds earlier you dropped a round in? I guess stupidity will always trump good safety practices.

  41. itschallenger2
    itschallenger2 Jul 17, 2013


  42. itschallenger2
    itschallenger2 Jul 17, 2013


  43. AG3Franklin
    AG3Franklin Jul 18, 2013

    Get the sheetrock grout and start patching, dipsh*t!

  44. 28623985
    28623985 Jul 18, 2013

    Does not matter what type of gun he is using. He fubared the safety rules. But, that type of pump gun did in fact have that issue. I have actually seen a Police Officer shoot at a moving target hold the trigger down and pump all the rounds through and into the air never hitting target.

  45. Jamie42
    Jamie42 Jul 18, 2013

    I would not want to be within 90 feet of this toad. He shows a total lack of knowledge of the firearm he is holding, has NO clue if it is loaded or not, shows NO TRAINING of the proper handling of firearms. He IS a danger to himself, and to all others who may be near him when he has one in his possession. Don't know how old this guy is, but he certainly needs to be DENIED the ownership and/or licensing to use one, UNTIL he can produce a verifiable certificate of him taking a gun safety course and PASSING it.

  46. gunsrfun732
    gunsrfun732 Jul 22, 2013


  47. 17549471
    17549471 Aug 04, 2013

    Arrrrrmy Training, Sir!

  48. jab494
    jab494 Feb 09, 2014

    Sure hope there wasn't anyone living upstairs.

  49. kennyc
    kennyc May 05, 2014

    What not to do

  50. 20788154
    20788154 Aug 27, 2014

    What a dumb-ass. The idiot messed up twice. First he had that ND and second he uploaded video for the whole world to see.

  51. DaveP111
    DaveP111 Sep 29, 2014

    Hello this is the creator of the video, I did this a long time ago for a company "JukinVideo" on YouTube to make some money. It is not real, the 12gauge shell is actually a 20 Gauge spent shell. I added a flash video effect and a sound effect I found on YouTube of someone firing a 12 Gauge shotgun. It is fake and I acted dumb to make it seem more fake. Just wanted to let everyone know because I had JukinVideo remove the video because of the horrible publicity I was getting with the fake video. Thanks for your time

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