Smart Sniper Scope

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Pulse Inteco Systems Ltd. out of Israel unveiled its new Meslas 10x40 Sniper's Fire-Controlled Riflescope at Eurosatory 12 in Paris. The Meslas features ballistic computer and laser rangefinder that calculates the range to the target and provides the sniper with a red dot that shows where the bullet will strike the target.

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  1. 29338049
    29338049 Jun 28, 2012

    I can hear it now. Falling under attack the Marines move forward. Marine: "I need magazine, I'm out of ammo!" Marine 3: "Here you go man, blast 'em." Marine 2: "I need more batteries! Double A! Come on!" Marine & Marine 3: "What the H...?"

  2. 28286707
    28286707 Jul 01, 2012

    @29338049 that's when the Energizer Bunny comes out onto the battlefield.

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