PTR 91 and M1A | Behind the Barrel Reloaded

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Video comparison of the PTR 91 and the M1A. Watch Command Sergeant Major T. S. Decker (ret.) test these well-known semi-automatic rifles in this episode of "Behind the Barrel Reloaded: PTR 91 and M1A." Watch now!

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  1. Falconi
    Falconi Jan 03, 2017

    Having experience with both the M1A and the PTR/HK 91 I can say that having the bolt locking on the M1A isn't *that* much of an advantage. While having the bolt lock back on the M1A facilitates magazine changes somewhat, you still have to be sure to get that pin hooked on the magazine in order to rock it into position. With the HK91, I can overcome that by slapping the magazine hard and charging the rifle. In a shooting situation, I'd prefer needing more strength than more precision when it comes to mag changes. I've also found the HK91 to have substantially less perceived recoil. M1A is hands down the more precise rifle I've found however. My opinions.

  2. 33972863
    33972863 Mar 20, 2017

    Have both the H&K-91 and the M1A1. I like the H&K-91 and my son likes the M1A1. I guess it up to the person who is doing the shooting.

  3. 33972863
    33972863 Jun 21, 2017

    If you had slowed your rate of fire a little would you have got a better group. I have an H&K-91 and access to a M1A1 or M-14. the H&K-91 is a better rifle for me to shoot because of the pistol grip. the M1A1 (M-14) the stock is a little big for my hand to get a good grip on. I will not sell the M-14 short because I have shot it before. i just like the H&K-91 better. (I will say both of them get heavy when you carry them for a while. Good show.

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