How To: Clear and Prep an AK-47

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Hosted by Command Sergeant Major T. S. Decker (ret.), this new series provides some helpful “how to” information. In this episode, Decker explains what to do if you retrieve an AK-47 on the battlefield.

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  1. MecEngDvr
    MecEngDvr Aug 06, 2015

    Considering my "battlefield" at this point is a cubical laden office with the only booby traps come across being the super talkative guy who wants to help my improve my golf swing (even though I don't play golf).... I'll tuck this little gem of information away hoping the world doesn't go to hell and I need to know how to clear and prep and AK-47. Great video though... very interesting.

  2. 29553803
    29553803 Aug 06, 2015

    Sa-major tell them again about the safety of the AK

  3. InfantryLew
    InfantryLew Aug 06, 2015

    I captured a couple of AKs in '62 in Vietnam. Great weapon.....loved I BUT DO NOT USE AT NIGHT....SOUNDS LIKE ENEMY AND DRAWS FIRE!!!😇

  4. 34193618
    34193618 Aug 07, 2015

    Thats an AKM, not a ak-47.

  5. TurboPropper
    TurboPropper Aug 11, 2015

    I'm from Soviet Union republic originally and when I was in high school, one of the required classes was to disassemble and assemble back AK-47. The school teacher would time you. Watching the girls do it with their long and polished nails was kind of fun....

  6. 24219295
    24219295 Aug 12, 2015

    In Viet Nam firing a liberated AK 47 could draw friendly fire due to its chacteristic sound. Another caution, the CIA planted stocks of 7.62x39 ammo for the enemy to find and attempt to use, when fired it usually destroyed the weapon and injuered bystanders.

  7. 33725393
    33725393 Aug 12, 2015

    One didn't show how to disassemble and assemble properly?? You're assuming that soldiers already know how to do that...

  8. USAF12TFW
    USAF12TFW Aug 13, 2015

    CSM Decker; The date on your shirt (video regarding clearing an AK47), is the anniversary of my enlistment in 1964. It brought back memories of basic, tech school, stateside station and "in the 'Nam. I'm doing fine with my PTSD, but the two A.O. cancers, a pre-cancerous (lipoma) and a few other caught earlies, leaves the worries at a high depressing level. I keep myself involved with two Honor Guard organizations the helps keep my mind to whatever degree off thinking of the bridges ahead of me. myGwoy&y, Sgt. "Skip" Vn 66-67

  9. 34107714
    34107714 Aug 14, 2015

    Great video, it gave clues without the specifics that would teach enemy combatants. If you don't know about an AK-47/M you need hands on training. Stop relying on internet videos to show you how it's done. Any true firearms instructions need to be done at the hands of a qualified professional.

  10. galloglas
    galloglas Aug 14, 2015

    Issues known with adobe make the viewing of this video impossible for me and many others.

  11. steveyoungAOC
    steveyoungAOC Nov 17, 2015

    Are you kidding me!! "Inspecting" a rifle with a magazine installed and the action closed. Yea, lets look down the barrel, and why not just shoot the camera man next time. This content was VERY DISAPOINTING coming from a supposedly knowledgeable source.

  12. 34806960
    34806960 Feb 13, 2016

    Went through the steps too quickly to comprehend without personal experience. Unable to see illustrations clearly or up close. Try again for us amateurs?

  13. 36556612
    36556612 Dec 13, 2017

    No disrespect to the Sgt. Major, but I thought it was funny he said look down the muzzle when he was looking at the receiver into the breach. I would also like to see the presentation how you're supposed to go about making sure the weapon isn't booby-trapped, and the sniper thing might only be evident if there were bodies laying there as I envision the "Platoon" movie.

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