Guys Shoot the .950 JDJ

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The guys from Knight Rifles "Americas Muzzleloader" head out to the range with Dave Fricke of Millennium Manufacturing to shoot the largest center fire rifle ever made. Only 12 people have ever shot the .950 JDJ as a rifle. Produced by SSK Industries, only 3 were ever made this was the first and the lightest weighing in at 50 lbs.. 2400 grain bullet and 240 grains of powder. Knight Rifles are 100% American made, Handcrafted, Lightweight Muzzle loaders that surpass all others in Accuracy, Smooth Operation & Deadly, Downrange Stopping Power. Join Knight Rifles on Facebook for more pictures, info and video's,

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  1. CW3cwjeep
    CW3cwjeep Jan 26, 2012

    Squirrel gun :-)

  2. slawdawg23
    slawdawg23 Jan 31, 2012

    Made in the USA, AWESOME!

  3. bdouble77
    bdouble77 Apr 15, 2012

    i gotta get me one of those babies...hang on, the australian government wouldn't allow something that calibre into the country!

  4. 6356490
    6356490 Jun 09, 2012

    Holy crap! That is beyond awesome!

  5. hazard159
    hazard159 Dec 09, 2013

    Added to Christmas list

  6. 32738960
    32738960 Aug 19, 2014

    I will be starting my own firearms company in the near future, and plan on making a bigger gun than this! It's name will mean "The Crusher"

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