M4 Carbine | 5 Things You Don't Know About

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Find out some cool facts about the firearm that has recently seen extensive use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  1. pautscw
    pautscw Jun 03, 2015

    The small units that are out in the boonies should be equipped with more weapons designed for automatic fire, not just the M4A1. The M4A1 was not designed for sustained automatic fire. Better if it had a piston system as well.

  2. GadsdenFlag
    GadsdenFlag Jun 03, 2015

    Excellent video!

  3. GreyWolfAlpha
    GreyWolfAlpha Jun 03, 2015

    Just so you know when I joined the Army we had the M1 and the Car16. When I left we had the M16A2 and M4. While the M16A1 was designed to use the M193 it can fire the M855 but should done unless you have no choice. The M16A2 and M4 can fire the M198. But accuracy will suffer. The M198 can penetrate some levels of body armor. Mu understanding of the New M855A1 round is its not more lethal or effective, its just green-no lead. Guess the environment is first and killing the enemy is second now days. This is what you get with a pc Army. The M855 was meant to engage the Soviets crossing the German Border wearing their version of body armor which was titanium enriched plates. It does well against this but not against Level 4 armor. Once upon a time the Army envisioned that the M16 would also be used Automatic Rifleman's role in the fireteam. It failed miserably and all automatic rifleman were issued M60s until the M249 SAW came out.

  4. Cryingwolf001
    Cryingwolf001 Jun 06, 2015

    I'm with GreyWolfAlpha on this one.

  5. LenGanz
    LenGanz Jun 08, 2015

    In Vietnam we called the M-16 the Mattel-16. I see not much has changed. Special Ops had a Car-15 which is very similiar (from what I can see) to the M-4. Much shorter and heavier barrel. My team had one, it was an improvement, but... Until politics is removed from the purchasing process, we'll still have 2nd class weapons for our most important troops, the grunts. We have enough hi-tech fancy aircraft, let's look at what the grunts really need, including a reduction in weight they carry. Len Ganz Needham, MA VN 1969-70

  6. 33396848
    33396848 Jun 08, 2015

    IF the m-4 carbine locks up and won't fire after so many rounds we need to go to a different rifle, like the M14A1 or M14A2 or the M16 used in VIET NAM that did not have this problem. I never did have this problem with either weapon, though I did prefer the M14 because of the stoping power of the cartridge. IN my personal opinion the M14 was a better weapon all around as you could get it in the mud or sand and it would still fire. SO my favorite is the M14A1 or M14A2 even though vthey are heavier than the M16 and the AMMO is heavyier than the M16 AMMO. AT least you have a weapon that you can depend on in a fire fight. IT also has a longer range of accuracy than the M16. I think that the M14 is a more dependable weapon as I hav never had it jam, like the M16 has.

  7. 32629572
    32629572 Jun 16, 2015

    add a air cool sys.to the m4 even the big gun get hot from over firing we had to used firefight water holes to keep the barrow cool.

  8. 27487811
    27487811 Jun 17, 2015

    Sorry guys but after seeing how well and accurate the ak 74 is that would be my choice It's as accurate as the m4 but is far more dependable. Me personally, I think we should be using polish beryl' sin 5.56 NATO if we are staying with that cartridge. The civilian version is known for shooting 1 MOA groups out of the box. I stand by the facts. T

  9. antietam1958
    antietam1958 Oct 18, 2015

    I cut my teeth on the 30-06 round so I like the larger rifle round better. the 7.62X51 is also a good round. I have an H&K-91 that I love to shoot. I know that a 20 round magazines for the 7.62 fully loaded weight more then the a 30 round magazine for the 5.56 but I have a longer distance bullet with more stopping power then the 5.56 so I would trade the range and stopping power over the 5.56; my opinion.

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    21762257 Dec 25, 2015

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  22. 15288539
    15288539 Dec 31, 2015

    as a Viet-Nam vet I do think it is time that we start to look at newer weapons for our troups, and one whit moor power for stopping power.

  23. 34725998
    34725998 Feb 01, 2016

    The M16/M4 system of rifles are submachine Guns trying to be rifles. Colt, why don't you just introduce a gas piston system? The blowback functioning of the M16/M4 platform is a submachine gun in a Rifle suit. The M4 is no better than a CAR 15 and get rid of that buffer spring too.

  24. 34795302
    34795302 Feb 21, 2016

    AK-47 doesn't have problems!

  25. usafa2c
    usafa2c Mar 10, 2016

    My experience with the M16 was that it jammed all too frequently, which leaves you with your pants down in a combat situation. Looks like the same problem is coming to the surface with the M4. Maybe we should go back to the M14, or maybe the M1, or maybe the M1903, or maybe the trapdoor Springfield 45-70?

  26. mrsgunnut10
    mrsgunnut10 Dec 03, 2016

    Sorry People, I carried an M-1 Springfield Armory Garand when I was in the Army. As far as I am concerned the 30-06 Armor Piercing Round is an all around bullet good for all qualified shooting plus long Range Shots. Even though I was qualified to carry the M-1 30 Cal. Carbine, I gladly carried the M1 Garand during my Army days. Later joined the Air Force and was qualified with the M-15 & 16 as Expert Rifleman. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  27. mrsgunnut10
    mrsgunnut10 Dec 03, 2016

    I forgot to add another 30-06 benefit in my last comment. With a 30-06, round you can reach out farther to take out some one shooting at you than waiting to get close enough to take out that person with the 223 Cal., just my opinion. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  28. 35755135
    35755135 Feb 01, 2017

    Obviously this video was a Public Affairs Office attempt to convince the taxpayer that the Picatinny Arsenal is actually accomplishing something in their overpaid under achiever positions at ARDEC. 1) SOCOM and US Army SF fielded the M-4 in 1994 NOT the US Army. 2) M855A1 was a design stolen by ARDEC from a private company but is over pressured and only is rated at 5.5 MOA which equates to inaccuracy at distance. Even though the steel core penetrator does well on soft tissue, a soldier has to hit the target first, and it doesn't do well when the bolt lugs break on the M-4 due to over pressure, especially on a two way range. The retarder in the propellant in the M855A1 also fouls the receiver group quickly and worse when using a suppressor. 3) ARDECs mismanagement is nothing short of criminal when the truth about the failure of the solicitation for Individual Carbine and M855A1 as well as M80A1 are brought to into the light of day. A solution would be to move the Small Arms PEO office to Ft. Bragg where FORSCOM, 18th Airborne Corps, and USASOC would quickly determine the next generation of assault rifle without all the bureaucracy of DOD civilians.

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