American Long Rifle | Behind the Barrel

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Hosted by Craig Gottlieb, who is famously known as the weapon’s expert on the hit show Pawn Stars, this all new series reveals surprising stories behind iconic weapons. In this episode Craig takes us behind the barrel of the American Long Rifle.

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  1. IllinoisJohn
    IllinoisJohn Jul 24, 2015

    Saratoga not Ft Ticonderoga and muskets had front sights, it was the rear sights that were missing. I do wish these reporters would get there facts right.

  2. martinirifle
    martinirifle Jul 29, 2015

    Some good information, but when you show an American longrifle, why do you use a poorly made Italian or Spanish "replica" when there are good craftsman-made copies pretty readily available across the country, whose owners would love to loan their rifles for a project like this? Contact the Nat'l Muzzle Loading Rifle Assn. for the information on clubs in your area.

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