8 Painful Gun Safety Fails

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Proper gun-handling procedure exists to save your life, but it can also save you from embarrassment and pain.

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  1. Falconi
    Falconi Nov 27, 2014

    #2 Looked like the 'ol low base followed by the 3 inch magnum trick.. #8 looked like a squib. Wonder if they were using reloads...

  2. 27563208
    27563208 Nov 28, 2014

    Back in '66, we don't know how it happened, but one of my buddies managed to get off one shot from his M-1 before it jammed. He called the instructor, because we had only a few days training on this rifle, and he found that he had one of the parts in there backwards. Don't ask me how he got off even the one shot, but at his funeral, when I told his family that story about him, they laughed their heads off and knew that I knew him very well. I told them that he was one of the most well liked guys in the outfit, and wondered how he managed to make it through Vietnam alive.

  3. 22105993
    22105993 Dec 01, 2014

    You can't fix stupid.

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