Humor: A Lesson in Cheap Ammo

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Good one, I love her reaction, and she can shoot... "Went out to do some target practice with our old 45 cal, a Ruger P90 and bought the cheapest ammo we could get. Big mistake since we had several misfeeds. Did pretty darn good since I haven't shot this weapon in some time. Ended up with a hot casing down my bra...left a mark but hey whaddaya gonna do?"

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  1. gycho
    gycho Feb 03, 2013

    Wow...She may be an ok shot, but she really needs some basic safety training. Take your finger off the trigger if you're going to be dancing around because you wear inappropriate clothing when you shoot.

  2. 28743007
    28743007 Feb 05, 2013

    It's been a long time since it' i

  3. HooterBro92
    HooterBro92 Jul 18, 2013

    As much as I would of LOVED to see her yank that shirt off to get the case out of her bra, I would much rather see her take her finger out of the trigger guard while waving around a weapon. Good shooting I guess. We don't know if the target was 5m or 25m away.

  4. Bob641
    Bob641 Jul 19, 2013

    She may have had the gun 'for a long time', but she hasn't trained on the safe use. People like this give the anti-gun group justification.

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