Flying Drone Armed with a Handgun

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This will be patrolling my property line soon... JK!

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  1. FosterBDAV166
    FosterBDAV166 Jun 25, 2013

    It would be more impressive if they used a slug for both demonstrations. Anyone can see that they used birdshot when they did the demo on the phone with their product on it!

  2. 1Greensix
    1Greensix Mar 12, 2017

    The first country to successfully develop armed drone swarms will win the next war. Instead of wasting money buying more ships for the Navy the military needs to buy droves of armed drones to kill anyone carrying an AK-47, suspected IED, or RPG in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Armed drones will dominate the future battlefield and the US needs to be buying them by the tens of thousands NOW. There is no reason why infantry can't be supported by swarms of small armed drones in the next five years.

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