Land-Based Railgun Combat Simulation

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Because of its scalability and modularity, the land-based mobile Blitzer railgun system can be configured in a stand-alone caravan for mobility on the battlefield. Transported by existing military vehicles, Blitzer can defend against missiles and enemy launchers.It integrates into existing BMC2 and radar systems, tracking multiple inbound threats, establishing a firm track for fire control handover. Outbound projectiles are tracked and guided to compute the fire control solution from organic radar sensor data to assure maximum firepower. Each round receives guidance data during flight, allowing the warhead to deploy at the optimum time. By adjusting flight trajectories, enemy targets can be eliminated by several simultaneous impacts.Blitzer railguns provide a game-changing, multi-mission solution, with reduced operation and support costs due to elimination of propellant and the associated logistics tail.

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  1. 29328834
    29328834 Jun 26, 2014

    Impressive and a game changer for sure, I would like to know is this in concept or test.

  2. SilverThirteen
    SilverThirteen Jun 26, 2014

    In the future, when we have power storage sufficiently reduced to viable carrying weight that the batteries will power bionic suits with a CBR that is miniaturized rail gun. Creative minds will solve these opportunities.

  3. 27299462
    27299462 Jul 04, 2014

    Who is the idiot that wants to delete the A10 from service? Replace it with the F-35 for ground attack!!!! That is like sending a ballerina to do the mission of a Navy seal. After spending half a trillion dollars on the F-35 and then purchasing it at $140 million a copy it still has bugs. Now it is grounded again because of engine problems. The A-10 is a great ground attack aircraft at less than one tenth of the cost. It is reliable and can take punishment and still fight on. This whole thing smacks of Military-Industrial complex corruption. Money is changing many hands on this deal.

  4. 27563208
    27563208 Jul 06, 2014

    Well, shut my mouth.

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