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Bofors 57mm MK3 Naval Gun System

Bofors Test Firings - Modern ships must be able to operate in different levels of conflict; from peacekeeping operations where the gun is used for firing warning shots to law-enforcement missions against pirates, smugglers and terrorists. In full war conditions, the gun will play an important role in the ship’s self-defence against ships, attack aircraft and anti-ship missiles and for naval gunfire support. In the littoral scenario the gun must have the capability to engage threats that were impossible to engage with conventional gun systems. Survivability in such an environment requires an extremely flexible weapon system. The 57 Mk3 gun has this flexibility, which is proven by the fact that it is the deck gun of choice for the US Coast Guard’s National Security Cutter and offshore patrol cutter classes of ships, as well as for the US Navy’s LCS ships and the DDG 1000 Stealth Destroyers. Bofors 57 Mk3 gun system (US denomination 57 mm Mk110) with its high rate of fire and immediate switch capability between optimized ammunition types, including the new smart 57 mm 3P all-target ammunition, provides high survivability and tactical freedom at all levels of conflict.

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  1. Robert_Norwood
    Robert_Norwood Oct 21, 2012

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