The Ironman 500 Round Ammo Backpack

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The Rapid Equipping Force (REF) on Bagram Airfield, harnesses current and emerging technologies to provide immediate solutions to the urgent challenges of US Army forces deployed in Afghanistan. The REF designed the prototype for the 500 Round Ammunition Pack System or "IRONMAN", which took a soldier's concept for an ammunition backpack. Produced by SGT Rodney Roldan. Includes soundbites from SGT 1ST CLASS Willie H. Dansler, RC East REF NCOIC.

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  1. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Jul 29, 2014

    Pretty damn good idea from a bunch of ARMY grunts huh? No really you have to give them props on this system. It will save time and manpower. 500 rounds without having to change out a belt is very smart and lie I said time and LIFE saving.

  2. brstinson
    brstinson Jul 30, 2014

    I assume this would only be used for short missions and patrols?

  3. 31266359
    31266359 Jul 30, 2014

    I used to carry the M60, 500 rounds is a pig to carry.

  4. SgtJohn1328
    SgtJohn1328 Jul 30, 2014

    500 rounds is a great idea. Where are the extra barrels for the weapon? Won't overheating and distortion be a factor?

  5. 29554577
    29554577 Jul 31, 2014

    I was with a 48 man detachment of Sea Bees from MCB5 in the delta. Kien An province. Officially Detail ECHO. Unofficially "Lucy's Gun CLub". There was a SEAL team in Rach Gia that use to hang out with us and occasionally have dinner before going on a mission up river. They made a lot of war just above us. Tracers didn't quite make it but the sound did as they went over our little square of sand in the swamp.I don't know how much we...teh Seabees had to do with the construction. I know we lined the cancas pack for a PRIC 25 radio and it would hold more than an ammo can of 308 rounds. The SEAL gunner had "obtained" a feed belt off a Huey to an M-6o and it was rigged into the PRIC 25 back pack. The M-60 had been totally stripped of any extra weight. The end of the barrel had been cut off dropping the bi-pod, flash suppressor and sights.The barrel had been completely stripped. There was no butt stock, just the gas chamber. a second stripped pistol grip had been attached to barrel so it could be held. There was no extra anything on the action. IT worked. We always knew when the manure hit the fan because we could here the continuous fire from the 60 until we heard the boat motors.

  6. 29554577
    29554577 Jul 31, 2014

    I ran out of words. No one took credit for the weapon. I'm sure when the team was ready to leave country they either gave the monstrosity to the on coming team or through it overboard. The weapon itself was destroyed but I'm very sure it saved there butts several times. This was the area where the French had lost an entire regiment in 1954. We actually tore down parts of an old French fort to build a PBR repair facility. If anyone recognizes any names, places or units from this "story" please contact me. Leave a reply and I'm leave an email address.

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