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Want to know about the small caliber 6 barrel rotary Gatling gun, or M134 Minigun? Here are a couple quick bullet point facts in this episode of "Bullet Points: M134 Minigun." Check it out now!

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  1. CoonAz
    CoonAz Dec 09, 2016

    This video of the M134 Minigun being fired is almost useless to determine if it's worth it. There is never a video shot showing it's destructive effects on the target, or in fact, what the target is. You never see the gunfire even hitting the ground to even gauge it's effect. From what this video shows, it could be a waste of assets. I think this is nothing more than a contractor blowing their own horn, and hoping for a government contract. I'm no impressed. My thoughts anyway.

  2. 31425350
    31425350 Dec 09, 2016

    My thoughts are the same as "CoonAz's" thoughts. He said it well.

  3. 34556105
    34556105 Feb 01, 2017

    They worked very well in Southeast Asia with the 17th Assault Helicopter UH-1C gunships.

  4. 34815180
    34815180 Feb 16, 2017

    Can I have the brass?

  5. 35410909
    35410909 Feb 19, 2017

    If you like the smell of napalm in the morning, you will like this gun.

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