Compact Ultralight Machine Gun

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AAI Corp. recently showed off the latest version of its Lightweight Small Arms Technology light machine gun at Modern Day Marine 2012. The new version has a shortened barrel and a folding, telescoping stock. LSAT is a U.S. Army program to cut the weight of its light machine guns and ammunition by up to 50 percent. The weapon weighs only nine pounds and fires 5.56mm case-telescoped ammunition.

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  1. Old_Ranger
    Old_Ranger Sep 28, 2012

    Okay, if they can get 7.62 to work with a short barrel and the lightweight polymer cases... I'm ready to go back and hump that baby up the TVD! Sure would beat the M-60 I carred in Ranger School!

  2. 5566169
    5566169 Oct 15, 2012

    *sigh* I will always be 6mm til the day I die, but I guess our day is passed.

  3. Do_not_want_one
    Do_not_want_one Jan 01, 2014

    The AAI LSAT barrel change mechanism will not work out; because, the button that has to be pressed to release the barrel will be too hot to tuch even with lether glove on.

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