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Will a Gun Fire in Space?

An interesting experiment with suprising results.

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  1. 21587111
    21587111 Jun 02, 2011

    The chemical description of charcoal, sulfer and saltpeter is BLACK POWDER. The chemical makeup of SMOKELESS POWDER is completely different. I wonder if this weapon would fire using modern smokeless powder.

  2. 27317075
    27317075 Jun 03, 2011

    now just tacke it into space.....

  3. 32611980
    32611980 Jul 04, 2014

    I came here to prove a friend wrong about a shooter he plays with guns in space in one level, the level is in a space station that HAS oxygen, and oxygen is flammable, so should the bullet light the oxygen in a space station or ship? Because there were failed Apollo missions where the astronauts died because of a spark. So a gun shooting of into a space station should ignite the whole area. Correct?

  4. 35050188
    35050188 Apr 27, 2016

    Modern gunpowder (or propellant) is not made up of charcoal, sulfur and potassium nitrate but is a mixture of nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin. And it will fire in a vacuum.

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