Top 10 Slo-Mo Weapons

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Watching weapons fire in real time is always thrilling, but it takes the power of slow-mo to capture the unique, intricate, and deadly mechanisms that make them do what they do.

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  1. TuefelHundenIV
    TuefelHundenIV Aug 01, 2015

    The video is neat but the couple of errors are kind of odd for a military oriented site. Like #6 is the Naval Rail Gun and #1 is a ground fired Hellfire Missile.

  2. 19KILOO7
    19KILOO7 Aug 04, 2015

    Is it prudent to have soldiers so close to the C4 blast?

  3. TimothySielbeck
    TimothySielbeck Aug 04, 2015

    Your Sabot round was NOT a Sabot round. Your Navy railgun round was a sabot round.

  4. 34188802
    34188802 Aug 06, 2015

    So I noticed that some of the footage you have was pulled from The SloMo Guys on YouTube. At least give them credit if you are gonna use their footage.

  5. 35029642
    35029642 Apr 28, 2016

    this video is very good

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