Intense Attack on T-72 with Guided Missile

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Free Syrian Army rebels take out a regime T-72 tank with an anti-tank weapon.

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  1. MinnesotaSpirit
    MinnesotaSpirit Aug 22, 2014

    An American TOE....hmmmm....let us get smart....time to destroy in detail Islamic Extremism.

  2. 24647114
    24647114 Sep 05, 2014

    Spelled TOW...Actually TOW2's Range 3750 Meters designed to defeat reactive armor with the probe hitting first. Came via Saudi with permission from the US Government (OBAMA). A hit from the side will do it on an Export T-72. The TOW is no easy weapon to master....but DEADLY..

    CERTAINLY_YA_KNOWZ Nov 02, 2014

    Hmmm...Heart warming I tellz Yuz!

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