North Korea Propaganda Video: US Carrier in Flames

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A recently released propaganda film depicts what North Korean troops would supposedly do to a U.S. aircraft carrier and B-1B Lancer if the U.S. dared attack the country.

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  1. 12025204
    12025204 Mar 22, 2017

    If this is best they can do on a propaganda video, not for sure how much we have to worry

  2. 28072175
    28072175 Mar 23, 2017

    So sad.

  3. 36354606
    36354606 Sep 11, 2017

    Another bogus delusion piece of garbage from that venial punk ass so called leader.....dictator of North Korea. While his people starve to death he looks like he's put on some weight to his already porky frame! Keep shooting your mouth off! Your day of reckoning is right around the corner! If you're lucky you'll find yourself at the Hague in the dock for crimes against humanity! Otherwise you'll find yourself in a special place in hell! Sayonara you tinhorn despot!

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