Tribute: Female Forces Who Gave All

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U.S. Servicewomen in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who sacrificed their lives for their country (Edited by David L. Wadley -

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  1. BevT
    BevT Jan 08, 2012

    Thank you so much for the video of women who have been lost in these last conflicts. I was on active duty during the Vietnam era, and women could not go to combat. But I worked in the OR and had my share of pain. It is still the best experience of my life and I regret nothing. Best wishes to all my sisters who are serving, and prayers for your return home. Bev Trahan USAF

  2. 9043968
    9043968 Jan 14, 2012

    It seems such a shame that no one knows there were so many. I forwarded to a few just to keep the memory alive. As a wounded paratrooper from Vietnam nam I look at this stuff now and it just seems there is no end to the conflicts. There also seems to be an endless stream of those who do and those who do not. There is not much upside to those that do and not much downside to those who do not. Being patriotic is a great burden to bear.

  3. 27711981
    27711981 Jan 18, 2012

    After watching this I wish I had not. I am an old Vietnam era Marine and by age 65 I have mostly gotten over it but watching this really makes my heart hurt. I had no idea we had lost so many of our young women to conflicts that we probably shouldn't have even been involved in. Guess I am getting old, my eyes are filled with tears over this,

  4. 27892254
    27892254 Feb 08, 2012

    God Bless them all and would not hesitant one minute for them to be by my side in combat.Carlos Valdez, 1973-77 US Army Security Agency(ASA)

  5. 24879310
    24879310 Mar 02, 2012

    Thank you for these. A lot of folks don't really know the sacrifices made by our female personnel in EVERY war. I salute and support all of our troops.

  6. LWSR11
    LWSR11 Apr 13, 2012

    Can we ever appreciate their sacrifice enough? I hope.

  7. PatMinFL
    PatMinFL May 27, 2012

    A very moving tribute to some very remarkable young women. Thanks for putting together such a beautiful video.

  8. 10154870
    10154870 Jul 07, 2012

    may they all rest in peace and never forget there sacrfice

  9. 10154870
    10154870 Sep 12, 2012

    may they all rest in peace.

  10. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 11, 2013

    U.S. Servicewomen in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who sacrificed their lives for their country More like for womens lib. Got to be that. Or why do females get special honors??? There's vets for honors, and there's female vets.

  11. 31598029
    31598029 Mar 24, 2014

    BevT. "women not going to combat during the vietnam war, or any war was for a good reason. YEAH these femlaes gave all. All 55 % of their male counterparts(superiors)

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