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A video poem that pays tribute to the fallen. Actor Gary Sinise said he was moved by it. More than 2,295 hits on YouTube. Now being played at memorial events around the nation.

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  1. 32488358
    32488358 May 23, 2014

    Taps “ By Peter A. Todd 05/30/2011 In gentle fields of green and rolling white We pay homage to those who reside with God Soldier of today and the past who fought the fight Now their bodies interned to earth’s sod With the sound of the Taps filling the air Within the echo of the winds of time The mourners weep and children stare Seeking answers to their questions to find Why must it be that we loose so many we’ve loved? From the Demon’s treacherous acts of war This reaching thought cut by the sound of taps As above us the American eagle soars Our Nations flags lowered to half staff With its colors of red white and blue Red represents the blood our soldiers shed Just as the Son of God shed for all of you

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