If Today was Your Last Day - Tribute

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Another great military tribute video. Thanks and enjoy.

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  1. 30662907
    30662907 Apr 29, 2013

    A huge thanks to all that have served me and my country. I have a brother in Marine basics and a grandpa that served in world war two at pearl harbor. Thank you to all that have served, lost limbs, gone to far away places and even given their lives for me. I can never thank you brave men and women enough. Thank you for your service.

  2. 27034014
    27034014 May 27, 2013

    Freedom has a cost, few people know,and even fewwer pay for, But all of us enjoy the rewards.....God bless all who gave some and the some who gave all.....

  3. XB-70
    XB-70 Jul 05, 2014

    30662907 You said it. Thank you.

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