TACP Special Operations Forces

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Interested in becoming a SOF TACP? Watch this video and see if you are up for the challenge!

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  1. awahilii
    awahilii Dec 12, 2013

    Real adrenalin pumper... been there and done that; 45 years ago.

  2. 32963918
    32963918 Sep 27, 2014

    The challenges in life are often what make us who we are, alter our path in life and change our future. For Tech Sgt. David Gerig, 56th Civil Engineer Squadron Explosive Ordnance Disposal team chief, his experiences led him to helping the poor and comforting the dying. Gerig's family came from Johannesburg, in the province of Gauteng, South Africa. He was born in the U.S. with the majority of his family still living in South Africa. The Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S., combined with the need to receive financial help for college, led him to join the military.

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