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The Brave SEALs of Operation Red Wings

Operation Red Wings (also referred to as Operation Redwing and Operation Red Wing) was a failed counter-insurgent mission in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, involving four members of the United States Navy SEALs, which took place on June 28, 2005. Three of the SEALs were killed during the initial operation, as were other American Special Operations soldiers (SEALs and Night Stalker pilots) whose helicopter was shot down while flying to provide support and rescue to the team.Marcus Luttrell, the only surviving American SEAL, was protected by local villagers who sent an emissary to the closest military base allowing a rescue team to locate the wounded SEAL. It was considered the worst loss of life in the Afghanistan campaign until the 2011 U.S. special forces helicopter shootdown.

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  1. SnkeDoctr
    SnkeDoctr Jan 20, 2012

    And people wonder why we KILL ever single ENEMY WE SEE!!

  2. 30827711
    30827711 Jun 03, 2013

    I liked the video very much, however, it transitions too fast to read most of the material. (I read very fast and could only complete half the screen before it moved on to the next one). Keep up with the information...don't let anyone forget what our men and women have sacrificed in the name of freedom.

  3. 32114675
    32114675 Feb 09, 2014

    I saw the movie today. They were all brave and great men but, the decision to let those 3 go, I think, was a bad decision. I agee with the soldier who said kill them. You could see they hated them and they were the enemy. I would not have put my men before them. I agree also with the soldier who said who has to know what goes on up here. America has a big mouth. There are things we the public should never know. We even get on tv and let them know when we're coming. Those 3 they let go would have killed our soldiers on the spot and never batted a eye. God Bless our Soldiers! r

  4. 19203881
    19203881 Jun 08, 2014

    Watched Lone Survivor today and was very moved at the end when they showed pictures of the team that was shot down and the 4 Navy Seals who risked their lives for our Freedom. I would like to say Thank You for each of you and prayers go out to your families. God Bless each and everyone of you still over there fighting. Praying for your safe return.

  5. 32540414
    32540414 Jun 10, 2014

    The damage that they actually took is extreme. Axe lost half is face but kept fighting, it's truly sad how they died, they should've killed them but they have mercy unlike shah and the Taliban leader. It was a failed mission but they killed many of the men.

  6. 32725634
    32725634 4 weeks ago


  7. kboyd8211b
    kboyd8211b 3 weeks ago

    I agree with you called at the turn of Murphy made by not killing them but they should have tied them up they would have been rescued by Taliban eventually they knew they are out on patrol l they didn't come back they would have came looking for them a little extra time to get coms up and get out of there the mission with tanked at that point

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