U.S. Navy Three Carrier Formation in Western Pacific Ocean

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The aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) and USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and their strike groups are underway, conducting operations, in international waters as part of a three-carrier strike force exercise. (U.S. Navy)

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  1. CJS3
    CJS3 3 days ago

    Who was the smaller carrier/LHA?

  2. navbb62
    navbb62 1 day ago

    Hope North Korea, China and Russia see this. GO NAVY !!!!

  3. swisher7
    swisher7 Today

    Very impressive looking and cool but one well placed nuke and all three task forces would be at the bottom of the ocean. Better hope the North Koreans, Chinese or Ruskies don't decide to deliver a fatal blow.

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