"The Day Israel Attacked America"

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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Extensive Interviews with USS Liberty Survivors' - Audio tapes obtained by award winning British film maker Richard Belfield prove what every USS Liberty survivor, former Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer have said all along: that Israel deliberately attacked an American ship. The plan was to sink it, blame Egypt, and draw the US into the Six Day War on the Israeli side, but the heroism of the Liberty crew in fighting ship damage, often while wounded, prevented it from sinking with all hands. The tapes are featured in "The Day Israel Attacked America" by film-maker Richard Belfield, whose previous production credits include National Geographic TV and Discovery Channel.

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  1. 33316910
    33316910 Nov 05, 2014

    This film seems almost unbelievable. If not done yet, the present Israel government, along with Prime Minister, Netanyahu, must come forth and give an apology to America and to the crew aboard when Israel attacked America. What shame.

  2. TheMilkManTexas
    TheMilkManTexas Nov 08, 2014

    I remember hearing about this some time ago. It was a shameful act and was never handled appropriately by the US or Israel. That's what politicians do for every country! May all of the US sailors who lost their lives in this rest in peace!

  3. MOUNT51
    MOUNT51 Nov 11, 2014

    Can't be a Jew and not prove it..6 Mil. BS

  4. 33369926
    33369926 Nov 16, 2014

    In a letter to President Obama, I respectfully request that he reconsider rewarding an underserving person, Shimon Peres, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in our White House. I asked him not to betray the brave, patriotic Americans who served and died on the USS LIBERTY again! Mr. Peres was a member of the Knesset when Israel committed a ‘war crime’ on the USS LIBERTY onJune 8, 1967, killing 34 sailors and wounding 172. Sometime ago, I had an occasion to meet a survivor of that attack, Remegio N. Mercado in San Diego. Tears rolled down his face as he recounted that 'war crime.' He said he could remember it as clearly as if had happened yesterday. He said he could still smell the vomit and blood of the wounded and dying. He talked about the bravery and valor of Captain William L. McGonagle and the crew in saving the LIBERTY We must not forget how America betrayed the patriotic citizens serving on the USS Liberty. They have suffered the pain of the attack by Israel then the pain of betrayal by their country. These brave patriotic Americans deserve better. (Shimon Peres was also involved n the Iran-Contra debacle) Captain William L. McGonagle was presented with the Medal of Honor at the Washington Navy Yard by the Secretary of the Navy rather than at the White House by the President. Again, he was betrayed by his country. His Medal of Honor citation fails to mention ISRAEL. To present Shimon Peres with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in our White House when a great American hero, Captain William McGonagle was not presented his medal in the White House is un-American, unacceptable and vulgar! Again, Captain McGonagle is being betrayed by his country.

  5. 33398231
    33398231 Nov 24, 2014

    I was aware of this attack and its intent to get the USA to attack Egypt.You may also be interested in the Lavon Affair in which MOSSAD agents were killing British and American citizens in Cairo. One agent was caught when his bomb went off prematurely. The 'Lavon Affair' makes good reading. Israel continues to carry out false flag operations in the Middle East. MOSSAD's motto is 'By deception we will wage war'.

  6. jmeadors
    jmeadors Dec 29, 2014

    For more information about the attack on the USS Liberty and continuing cover-up of the war crimes that were committed during the attack please read the documents referenced in http://www.usslibertyveterans.org/files/docs.pdf Joe Meadors USS Liberty Survivor Director of Operations, USS Liberty Veterans Association Email: joe@ussliberty.com

  7. GerryRM3
    GerryRM3 Jan 04, 2015

    I was there he next day. Believe it because that's he way it happened.

  8. 33569723
    33569723 Jan 13, 2015

    Lets face it. Our Politicians are too chickenshit to open their mouth,s about the Holy of Holies Israel. To this incident the U.S. should hang its head in shame. Israel owns the U.S. congress and senate. Is getting reelected worth selling out your country? I for one think not. There is a bill in congress making it a crime to critizize Israel. You could call; our President O,Bama a nigger and we would say that is not right but we have freedom of speech in America. Say some thing about Israel and you could go to jail. I am glad I am pushing 80 yrs old so I do not have to watch the U.S become a colony of Israel.It is all about money and votes,the U.S is just a neighborhood we were born in.

  9. 30036951
    30036951 Jul 02, 2015

    Congress is spending $millions investigating Benghazi and the four Americans killed - I agree that any incident where US American govt employees are killed should be investigated by Congress. So, why has Congress refused to investigate the USS Liberty. In this case, Congress is saying that the four civilians in Benghazi are more important than the 34 sailors killed on the USS Liberty.

  10. 34546174
    34546174 Nov 12, 2015

    As a Navy Vet in November 1970, In Boot Camp, I heard of Scuttle Butt of what happened to the U.S. Liberty and what was covered up. What happened really sucks and America, "the Land of the Free" needs to know the real truth and not cover up the real sins of Israel. If Israel is really the Land of God, then tell the real truth of June, 1968 and the murder of American Sailors. Tell the TRUTH, Israel, NOW.

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