Pressure Point - Old School Navy Recruiting

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US Navy Recruiting Command Movie on Aviation Officer Canidate School at NAS Pensacola, Florida, 1973.

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  1. 5183699
    5183699 Apr 10, 2012

    That was my DI in class 02-74. After this, he was promoted to GySgt and was later commissioned. He retired as a LtCol. Quite a guy

  2. JohnPastore
    JohnPastore Apr 11, 2012

    that was great! They showed us this vid in basic back in 91'..

  3. SGT_Duck
    SGT_Duck Jun 01, 2013

    The first words I heard from him in June of 1975 were "I am your senior drill instructor, Staff Sgt D. T. Penn, United States Marine Corps, and don't you forget it". And I never did. I never saw the film before, half of the Officer Candidates with me that day had and it struck fear in their hearts that this was " the guy in the movie". 8 weeks later those OCs that were left had a "school circle" with SSGT Penn where we could ask him anything (he said he would not answer stupid questions though). One OC asked about his tours in Viet Nam etc, etc and them one brave lad asked about the movie. He answered, "that was one of the hardest things he was asked to do, shouting at a camera and not an OC, and not saying an inappropriate word, there were mannnnnyy takes" or words to that effect. Those were good character building days that I will never forget. I was in First Batallion (Batt I) The CO was CAPT R. L. Masrh USMC, Sr Drill Instr. was SSgt D. T. Penn, and DI was SSGT Ramos. I survived and 25 plus years later retired form Naval Service as Commander Robert G. Drake USN

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