Onboard the USS John F. Kennedy

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(CV-67) Kitty Hawk Class of aircraft carrier.

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  1. Gunny6333
    Gunny6333 Apr 08, 2015

    Seriously someone needs to check their Jane's Book. The JFK is NOT a Kitty Hawk Class it is the one and only vessel in the KENNEDY Class!

  2. 24025401
    24025401 Apr 09, 2015

    The Big John was a great ship, but most of all she had some of the finest crew on board and I was so very proud to have served with many of them from 1979 thru 1980 Cruise. Due to the passing of my daughter I was sent back home and never got to serve onboard her again. To all those Sailors that sailed on the Oceans in these fine ships. Fair Winds, Calm Seas, and my the wind be always at your back! Retired JW Taylor former AW-3 on the JFK

  3. 24025401
    24025401 Apr 09, 2015

    Hey Gunny you are very right she was to be the first Nuclear Class but a need for her in Korea shortened her stay in the Ship yards and she was outfitted as Conventional. But with those 5 water purifiers we never ran low on fresh water. But yes she was CV-67 did not wear the "N" for Nuc and she stood in a Class all alone as there was NO OTHER in her class of ONE!!

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