Katy Perry Kisses Navy Midshipman

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Singer Katy Perry redefined "R and R" for a 20-year-old U.S. Navy midshipman. "I'm a little older than you but I can be your Mrs. Robinson."

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  1. yfx213
    yfx213 Apr 29, 2012

    Hey Nugent, way to destroy your fan base. Didn’t you know the commander and chief was part of our armed services?

  2. OldRotorHead
    OldRotorHead May 04, 2012

    Thanks Katy! I know there is no way to say thanks to all now serving. But thanks anyway to all now serving, those who have, and those who will in the future. Many in my family have served, Great Grandfather USA WWI, Father In law USN WWII, Father USAF Korea, Uncle USMC Korea, and me USN 79-83!

  3. bikilathewarrior
    bikilathewarrior May 06, 2012

    Ok, Katie Perry has class and so does this midshipman!

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