Ohio-Class Submarines | Bullet Points

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Want to know about Ohio-Class Submarines? Here are a couple quick bullet point facts.

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  1. SubVetRet
    SubVetRet Dec 30, 2015

    Served onboard one of these along with 3 other fast attack subs and there is nothing better to ride then the Ohio class submarine. It is amazing that the one I helped to commission in 1983 is still going strong.

    WAWARON Dec 31, 2015

    Nothing like being a plank owner on the latest and the greatest. Mine was Ethan Allen SSBN 608,the only submarine to fire a hydrogen bomb and detonate it in the South Pacific,May6,1962.We were "Frigate Bird",part of Operation Dominic.I was the helmsman/planesman.

  3. 34703378
  4. 11801992
    11801992 Jan 09, 2016

    Didn't realize that the Ohio class sub carried a mini-sub for seal team landings. I served on 2 Sub Tenders USS L Y Spear and USS Holland in the 70's. CW0-4, SC, USN-Ret.

  5. Bobg1906
    Bobg1906 Jan 11, 2016

    Plank owner on USS Alexander Hamilton SSBN 617 (Gold). Great video - brings back memories. I was a Nav ET and helmsman/planesman at battle stations. Having originally qualified on a WWII diesel boat I can say with authority that the nukes were a tremendous upgrade! That said, I'm glad you kids are riding them and not me!

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