Two Minute Brief: Combat History of the U.S. National Guard

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Since the first militia groups were organized on North American soil, citizen soldiers have served with distinction in every major conflict involving the United States.

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  1. 17229528
    17229528 Dec 09, 2015

    Two minute Brief: Combat History of the U. S. National Guard did not say anything about the National Guard in Vietnam. The National Guard had units in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969. These units came from Kentucky, Indiana, Hawaii, Kansas, Iowa, California, and New Hampshire. Air Guard units came from Colorado, Iowa, New York, and New Mexico.

  2. 28592246
    28592246 Dec 09, 2015

    Excellent video.

  3. 34371339
    34371339 Dec 09, 2015

    You left out Vietnam, in 1968 the 3/Bn 197th FA from New Hampshire was activated and deployed to Phu Loa, Vietnam for a one year deployment.

  4. Van Owen
    Van Owen Dec 13, 2015

    The exceptionally limited use of the National Guard in Vietnam says plenty about the lack of a broad national consensus for our involvement and the student deferment used to avoid the draft effectively tore our country in half. I'm anonymous here so not looking for a pat on the back when I enlisted in 1970 at age 17, not in support of the war, but in protest against the despicable and craven burden placed on one class of Americans to protect another. Here we go again, where since 9/11, only the warrior class and their families have borne the burden and where "hold the applause" for our veterans in those instances where it's driven by cowardice, selfishness, and self-interest. Nothing wrong with an all-volunteer force when it's more professional and dedicated as far as that goes, but when its counterpart is a feckless and out-of-touch band of hipsters at Starbucks with all the's SNAFU and FUBAR on the home front with them fleeing from 3 malls yesterday on false rumors.

  5. 11404533
    11404533 Dec 13, 2017

    Ya'll missed Co D (RANGER) 151st INF in Viet Nam

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