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Coed Combat in the Israeli Army

Interesting report on female combat soldiers in the Israeli Army. December 13, 2012.

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  1. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 12, 2013

    HHHMMMM. And I have read stories, in the underground news,that females are not doing that. Noramlly those reports are true. Nice video show, but I think something is wrong.

  2. DaddyLongLegsUSA
    DaddyLongLegsUSA Dec 30, 2013

    What a badass. Kind of makes me want to bail out of DEP and head on over to Israel :) JK U.S. is my home and I'll protect her always.

  3. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 02, 2014

    DaddylonglegsUSA: I'm talking about recent reports from Brian Fischer. is just putting out propaganda.

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