Marine Corps Birthday, 2016 Message to Fellow Marines

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This year is the 241st Marine Corps Birthday. What others wouldn't do, we have done. "You will sweat for each other, you will bleed for each other if you need to, that's what true family is." — Capt. Charles Broun

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  1. 35636199
    35636199 Nov 11, 2016

    Happy Birthday USMC. Not acceptable for military service 1961 due to a wife and child but have/had many friends Marines. My utmost respect for all Marines. Anyone who doubts the most dedicated warriors in history need only watch videos of the Pacific Islands campaigns during WWII such as Iwo Jima,Tinnian,and such in the island chain leading toward Japan. The suffering and death is mindboggling but as is their creed the USMC was, as always up to the task. Congratulations and Semper Fi USMC.

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