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U.S. Marines and Romanian Soldiers shoot the M40A7 Sniper Rifle, plus Marines shoot the Beretta M9 handgun, at Babadag Training Area in Romania. Filmed on September 23, 2016 during exercise Platinum Lynx 16-5.

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  1. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Oct 12, 2016

    If Obama didn't screw up our vital relationship with Russia we would have the most powerful military in the world. But NO! He has to be a Muslim Lover and side with nations and ideologies that we have been steering away from since the 70's So now we have all our used to be allies on our bad side and our once enemy's being paid off millions of US tax dollars to be our friends WHO WILL Still a knife in our back the very first chance they get. Look at South Korea, A bit of a strain on our economy but a very precious commodity as a allie. Israel, A once very high value allie and now they are on our bad side...WHY? Could it be due to the fact that our POTUS is a muslim loving POS? Israel has one of the best military and flying fighting army's in the world. If we three alone could get rid of North Korea, Libya, Lebanon, and other nasty ass country's we cold bring peace to this world. And get us out of Afghanistan being the only reason we are there is to guard the poppy fields. DRUGS...The commander and chief of the largest free nation is a drug dealer.

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