Marine Corps Basic Training

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Here’s a quick summary of what to expect during Marine Corps Basic Training.

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  1. KCaro
    KCaro Jul 09, 2015

    ACOG'S on the rifle range. Okay learn how to use them, but NOT until they qual at the 500yrd line with iron sights.

  2. 20580210
    20580210 Jul 09, 2015

    You would think that a site for the military would know that the Marine Corps doesn't have basic training, we have boot camp.

  3. 27563208
    27563208 Jul 10, 2015

    Watching that, and Hollywood never looked better. It was glorified Boy Scouts for me, and I was a fat boy. Once my DIs saw how hard that I was pushing myself, they only pushed me when they thought that I needed a little more help. And like the saying goes, there is no leave or liberty until you graduate. I knew guys who were there over 10 months, because of medical holds. And then it was back to day one for them, again.

  4. CACMarine
    CACMarine Jul 10, 2015

    We call it "boot camp," not "basic training."

  5. 34118279
    34118279 Jul 16, 2015

    My training at the Rifle range was with Iron Sites. But not hard to qualify with a scope. Another thing.. they graduate in the dress blues trousers? The guide was given his dress blue uniform but the others had to by them.

  6. 1648Zman
    1648Zman Jul 17, 2015

    Things are different and times have changed from the mid sixties till today but the end product is just as good if not better. Only one recruit received a set of Dress Blues to wear at graduation. We graduated in March of 1966 and the young man that won the Dress Blues went on to become a 2531. He then went to Vietnam and was KIA in October of 1966.

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