Retired Military Dog Discovers Kitten

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Well this is something different for a change. A retired military working dog has his first encounter with a kitten.

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    SGTBJH Oct 04, 2013

    Cute! I think if anyone hurts that kitten, there will be Hell to pay.

  2. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Oct 04, 2013

    That's just cool, He'll get used to him. He's trying to figure out what it is and what it's doing in his house. After a while as the cat gets older they'll play and romp around the house making a mess. The dog seemed OK but they will have to watch for a while.

  3. Whale_Rider
    Whale_Rider Oct 05, 2013

    I have a cat and a dog that grew up together. If these two follow the same pattern the cat will end up being the dominate one of the two.

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