10 Hilarious Military Pranks

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When not in combat, the average soldier is put under immense pressure to cope with boredom. This of course results in an endless stream of hijinks, shenanigans, and all around ridiculousness.

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  1. 27563208
    27563208 Aug 12, 2014

    One of our old favorites, was to stick a sleeping guys hand in a pot of warm water, while he slept. It always brought up the response for him to pass water in his sleep, so he would wake up and find himself sleeping in a wet bed of urine.

  2. 30662552
    30662552 Aug 14, 2014

    I'm all for troops coping with boredom. But in some of these pranks some troops could have been seriously injured. Best to get the troops out and run the obstacle course a couple of times if necessary to burn up pent up energy/frustration/boredom. Always worked in boot camp.

  3. 32729552
    32729552 Aug 16, 2014

    So this is what my boyfriend comes home telling me about when he gets,bored at the armoury. Ha :)

  4. npfoster
    npfoster Aug 21, 2014

    #3 was not the US Military... Those guys were Russian... it does prove that pranks are universal!

  5. Louie2037
    Louie2037 Oct 22, 2014

    One of our favorites in Vietnam was to tape the wires from a field phone to a sleeping guys chest. Then one of us would scream "Scorpion!" over and over while he guy holding the phone would crank it for all he was worth. The victim, of course, would assume he'd just been stung and would freak out. Meanwhile, the rest of us made sure to get the hell out of his way when he figured it out.

  6. 32723312
    32723312 Dec 30, 2014

    This is really great "Stuff". I spent 3 years in Vietnam, and some of the things we would do, are from another world. If you ever have the time, look up a book called "Drafted and Served", by Steaven Banks. I just found out that my life as a door gunner on a "LOH-23" was written, and is in black & white. I never knew the book was real; how about that one???

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