Tip of the Spear: Taking Back The Victory Rover

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In this premiere episode of 'Tip of the Spear' - we join the USCG-MSRT unit on an actual training simulation as they take back a passenger ferry from hijackers.

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  1. 22433912
    22433912 Mar 16, 2011

    THis video proves that we're going to get a LOT of hostages killed, and a LOT of COAST GUARD MSRT MEN Killed and EMBARRASSED!.. If this is the "TIP OF THE SPEAR"..it needs a LOT OF SHARPENING BEFORE IT IS USED! Take it frame at a time, and you will understand how many "MISTAKES" were made, with boarding with weapons that took WAY TOO LONG to become "ACTIVE"..tied up on their backs.... slipping on the deck, lack of simultaneous ingress, and a TON MORE! This video needs to be pulled until they get their "STUFF" in one duffle. I can promise you, the "BAD GUYS" are looking at this frame by frame, and just WAITING for MSRT to show on target... THEY will be the heros for taking out the entire TEAM AND HOSTAGES, then destroying the Ferry Boat...or whatever other vehicle. Steven M. Kuryla Chief Warrant Officer (R) U.S. Army Intelligence Spec Ops... Intel Never Sleeps....

  2. InfantryKO
    InfantryKO Mar 17, 2011

    I mean, I'd love to get involved in this type of stuff but you can't get on this guy for being honest. We make mistakes in training, so we don't make it in real time but there are mistakes in this video. The entire squad running through that entry point, it would be a slaughter. I support these guys 100 % but this is a discussion board. Former 11b.

  3. 11587753
    11587753 Mar 26, 2011

    ^^^^ You are my hero... Not literally, but no really you are!

  4. robschober
    robschober Mar 26, 2011

    Hi, I hope they cover the "original" tip of the spear, the FSSF in this series!

  5. 2226506
    2226506 Mar 28, 2011

    Taking Back the Victory Rover: Having trained LE folks for a while on how to take back passenger ferries I see a lot of problems with this video/training. Where were the passengers? Where was the opposed boarding? Where were the booby trapped hatches/entrances? Remember if terrorists are going to take a ferry they are going to harden it before you get to it and being hard core well trained combatants who will die fighting (need no exit plan) passengers and LE folks will die and the ferry will be destroyed once they've proven their point. I hope this film was demonstrating the crawl phase of training or is a "demo" for public use only as it is not good. And while fast roping onto a ferry is "sexy" its suicide to say the least. This is a difficult mission for the seal teams who train frequently, the MSRT is quite frankly new at this as for the longest time the CG was not allowed to board a hostile vessel on US waters, only to provide overwatch fires for LE folks . Unfortunately we are the only country in the world who rely on our local police to deal with terrorists both on land and US waters; not good; MSRT is leading the way on the water. Hopefully this was a deMO FILM!?

  6. 18817963
    18817963 Apr 01, 2011

    How much of this does the MSRT actually do versus prepare for?

  7. markardo
    markardo Aug 10, 2011


  8. markardo
    markardo Aug 10, 2011

    I want to see the Taliban guts splattered all over a wall.It may be hard to photograph since they have no guts.Just wipe it off as scum.

  9. USCoastGuardsmen
    USCoastGuardsmen Apr 01, 2013

    @22433912 The boarding teams were using Mk-18 carbines a CQ verssion of the M4 and SIG-Sauer P229R Dak .40 S@W calibor handguns how the hell more smaller do you want them to be there already compact weapons as it is... Pluss the boarding team was being covered from a 25 Foot Responce Boat Medium Gunner and a bow gunner with his weapon already up on the Special Purpose Craft. Alot of times they usally board from the SPC with their weapons up this time was a special event in which the boarders needed both hands to securely get themselfs aboard the ferry. Pluss once the Fast Rope Team is done the Jayhawk backs off and the flight mechanic being trained as a arieal gunner picks up more cover support by utilizing the M240H Helicopter Light Machine Gun, Mk 11 7.62 Sniper Rifle, M14 Tactical EBR, or the Barrett M107 CQ Anti Material Sniper Rifle. The boarders were well armed and had the best possible equipment avilable to them as well as being highly trained in boarding vessels as their specialty, pluss the tactic of deploying from 2 assets leaves more confusion to the enamy who is getting hit from 2 sides pluss the 3rd side from the 25 footer laying cover support down. Remember TRAINING!

  10. USCoastGuardsmen
    USCoastGuardsmen Apr 01, 2013

    The purpose for the all angle attack is to add confusion to the hostiles Im sure a regular Fat Rope if givin the proper slow time to do what it normaly does would have failed but the jayhawks from the Coast Guard and Seahawks from the Navy are just getting in their real fast droping the guys and getting the hell out of their to lay down cover fire, slow gesture fast ropeing hasn't been done since the days of the 90's in Somalia where it nearly and did get helicopters shot down. I agree rushing into one room all at once is not such a bright idea but when you know their is no one on the ferry and your most likely going to kill the hostiles anyway not take them prisnor its more welcomeing than having to think out hostages being in the way and having to stall to get good shots. Pluss this training exercise was designed to show best case senerio because it is nearly impossible to retake such a small boat with out taking casuailys which is why they threw in on scene medical training because any type of vessel take back is incredibly hard to do in this sad but advanced world we live in today. My ucnle was on the MSRT teams a SPC and 25' MRB Gunner for 3 and a half years before he retired.

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