US Air Force Commandos TACP

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Being a conventional TACP is already a challenging and arduous task, but, couple that intensity with the demanding and specialized operations of the U.S. Army Rangers, Special Forces, and U.S. Navy SEALs and you'd be describing the mission of an AFSOC TACP. AFSOC TACP members deploy with Special Operations Forces as Joint Terminal Attack Controllers. Integrating air combat power and surface fires into the ground scheme of maneuver, they enable dynamic, synergistic, and lethal firepower on today's battlefield. AFSOC TACP motto: "100%, and then some"

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  1. Fritz1996
    Fritz1996 Mar 16, 2016

    What the hell is going on? Where watches and God knows what other kind of jewelry!!! Guidelines and directives say: Ensure that all watches, rings, and any other jewelry are removed. In the video you will see individuals wearing watches when handling Det cord and connect it c-4 I suspect on the metal I-Beam!!! WOW!!!!

  2. AlexDumas
    AlexDumas Apr 13, 2016

    First I heard of it...sounds great, I was in the USNR but nothing that takes this kind of courage; just an AIRDALE 1966 to 1972. Active duty 28 months 67-70 Be true to your HP (Higher Power), because it works and God Speed!

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