Retired Airman Forcibly Removed from Ceremony

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A video that captured a retired U.S. Air Force sergeant being forcibly removed from a ceremony at a California base has prompted an investigation, an Air Force Reserve official said Wednesday.The incident occurred at Travis Air Force Base, near Sacramento on April 3, at the retirement of an unidentified master sergeant from the 749th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. Retired Senior Master Sgt. Oscar Rodriguez, in civilian clothing, is shown attempting to read a statement before three uniformed airmen forcibly remove him.The 50-second video clip was first posted on, which called the footage “a disgraceful spectacle” during what is usually a calm send off.

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  1. Sword100
    Sword100 Apr 07, 2016

    OK, the guy was an anal orifice. Not the place or time to make some sort of statement. Whatever he was ranting about, he should have joined the Marines or Army to make a statement down range. I feel badly that the retiree's special day was ruined by an idiot. The ranter needs to be taken to a psychiatric unit to find out what is wrong with him. De Oppresso Liber.

  2. Galindog
    Galindog Apr 15, 2016

    @Sword100 Actually, the guy was invited by the retiree to be part of the ceremony after seeing him recite the same tribute to the flag at a different retirement ceremony the week before. He was cleared to be there by the chain of command, but this particular commander had a problem with him from prior service and had him forcefully removed. I agree that the retiree's special day was ruined, but it was ruined by the idiot commander and the other NCO's that forcefully removed an INVITED participant in the ceremony. I hope that there is an investigation into the commander and it is not just swept away as it always seems to be in the military.

  3. dazuno
    dazuno Jun 27, 2016

    Seems like one of those COC eff ups. I cant see him standing right by the flag ceremony part if he wasn't invited. That would've been awkward! I doubt the guys retirement ceremony was ruined, unless that guy was his good friend and he was especially looking forward to the speech. Didn't seem to be many people there. I didn't see much of the film before they decided to escort him out but it didn't appear that the guy did anything wrong to have been escorted out are on the way out, seemed like a good patriot to me!

  4. 14382008
    14382008 Jun 29, 2016

    I never thought anything like this would occur in the U.S. Military. What have we become?

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