In Memory of Sergeant Nick Mason

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This video is dedicated in memory of Sergeant Nick Mason (1984-2004). He was killed on 21st December 2004 by a suicide bomber in Mosul, Iraq.

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  1. markmills8
    markmills8 Jan 25, 2012

    Wow, I'm surprised to see this video. I talked to Nick, Richard, and David, as I left the mess tent just a moment before it exploded. I was a civilian working on the camp at the ice plant. Their camp was set up 150 yards away from the my work. I always wanted Nicks mother to know, he and I had discussed him going to Germany on his R&R, instead of going home, and Nick was torn between the two. He really wanted to go home, but felt this would be his only opportunity to drive a BMW on the Autobahn. A hot car is as enchanting to a young guy as a beautiful girl is. He missed being home a lot. Did he ever send you a picture of the big army dump truck he painted John Deere green and yellow? It was hysterical!

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